About uK Graders and some common questions and answers.


Our Service

We are here to offer an honest and third party grading system for your treasured collectables! Here at UKG our staff have over 27 years knowledge and experience in this field enabling us to give an accurate and honest grade for your items.

Over the last 8 years UKG has grown from strength to strength, we have old and new customers from all over Europe. We have had the pleasure of being invited to Germany by some of our German customers to talk about UKGraders and the service we offer for Europe.

We have also been interviewed for magazines such as TV and Film Memorabilia and Collectors Gazette and more recently a video blogg for Collectors Gazette which will soon be live on their website.

Our Guarantee

The collectables undergo a strict grading system at UKG before being sealed in our quality tamper proof acrylic cases. This process therefore enhances their value and enables you to display and store your collectables without risk of future damage to the Card/Box/Figure.

Not only will UKG cases help you when buying and selling items for your collection but they also help protect toys from wear and tear. This is something which I know from personal experience is very important as it can help transform the appearance of a collection
It goes without saying that our company will ensure that all items from your collection are treated with the care and attention they deserve.

UKG Common Questions And Answers.

How do I place an order with UKGraders?.

1. Firstly you will need to create an online account on our website.

2. Then you will need to find the item you want grading on our website, if the item is not on our site then contact us and we will add it for you.
3. Once you have found your item/s then you just add them to your cart along with any extras you require like protective poly bags to stop your case getting scratched cleaning service/COA(Certificate of Authenticity) and Fast Track. These options are all available to see on the drop down menu for each item you want to submit. 
4.Once you are happy wiht the items you have chosen proceed with the checkout process.
5. Checkout Process: Follow all of the on screen instructions, please take time to read all information carefully.  There are a few boxes to fill in along the way for example item description box, in this box you can put the title of the item you are sending in for grading, or if you are ordering just a plain display case you can put N/A in this box.
6.Postage Screen: Follow the instructions. If you require insurance for your returning item/s simply enter the value you require for insurance purposes in the postage box. Please be aware that return postage is paid once your item is graded and ready to return to you. You will receive a further email from us with detailed costs and options for return postage.Please be aware postage is not free for the return of your order this also includes slide bottom display cases. 
7. Payment Screen: This is the final screen. Complete your order by clicking either the paypal payment logo or debit card payment button which will automatically take you to paypal or Sage pay.  Once you have completed this, log into your personal email account and read your order conformation emails as the address and information for sending your order to us in this order conformation email. If you can't see the emails check your junk/spam email folder and add us to your 'safe list' to prevent any further  emails going into the junk folder.
8. Pack your item well and include a printed order sheet or hand written letter with your details and order number on. Some customers choose to write their order number under the address which is also ok.
9. Once your item/s arrive into our facility you will be notified via email. 
1.How long does it take for my item/s to be graded?.
A: All standard orders are estimated to take an estimated 8 weeks to complete from the date we receive your order into our facility, please be aware orders can take longer than this estimated period so please be aware of this when placing your order(This also includes slide bottom display cases), however there is an option for a fast track service available on the website when you place your order..
2. How do I pay for my return postage and how much will it cost me for return postage?.
A: Once your order is complete we will send you an invoice for the return postage which you can pay directly through paypal.
The price of return postage depends on the items weight and size once it is packed and ready to send back to you.
3. What if my item turns out to be fake?.
A: In the event of any discrepancy with your  with your order  we will contact you and advise you of the problem and you can either have a part credit to your account for the amount paid minus an administration cost of £5.
4. How will you know the order is mine when I send it to you?.
A: All orders have their own unique reference number which relates to your account so you can either write this number on the outside of the box when sending the item's in to us or you cna print off the order screen and send that with your order. 
5. Can you clean my item before grading it? 
A: Yes just add the the cleaning option which can be found under the "additional items " tab.
6. Can you make custom slide bottom display cases or display plinths?.
A: Yes we can make custom designed cases to suit your needs. Contact  us directly  atukgraders@yahoo.co.uk 
7. Can I bring items direct to your premises for grading?.
A: Yes we can arrange to meet  at a suitable venue if you want to drop/pick up your order however this cannot be at our grading facility for security reasons.
8.How long will my items take to show on the live archive on your website?.
A: We update the website the live archive every quarter so please be patient when waiting for your items to show.
9. The item I want grading is not listed on your website what do I do?.
A: If your item is not listed please contact us direct at ukgraders@yahoo.co.uk and we will endeavour to add it to the site for you.
10. Do you grade comics?.
A: Currently we do not grade comics. 
11. Do you grade trading cards.
A: Currently we do not grade trading cards. 
12. If my item fails grading can I have it sealed in a case without a grade?.
A: Yes. We will contact you and advise you if your item fails and reduce the cost accordingly.
13. When I try to place my order the screen which refers to postage methods  asks me to fill in for " return postage " what does this mean?.
A: In the return postage box you will need to put the preferred method of return postage for when we return your item/s ( Please be aware we send you a separate postage invoice once your items are packed and ready to send back to you.)
14. What do I write in the item description box?
A: Write details about the item you are sending, or if your item is a specific variant then please write in the box any details you would like on the label.
15. When do I pay for my order?.
A: You pay for your order upon checkout through the website using paypal or your bank card, this is the final screen when you checkout and you will receive an order number and conformation of payment.
16. How will I know you have received my order once I have I have sent it?.
A: Once your order arrives in for grading we mark it in your account as received and you will receive an automated email saying your item has arrived.
17. What does Poly Bag mean on the add extra options on the right hand side of the screen when placing an order?.

A: A poly bag is a thick clear bag that helps protect your case from being scratched.