• Customer Information:

  • Order Turnaround Times:

All standard orders are estimated to take an estimated 8 weeks to complete from the date that we receive your order into our facility(This excludes weekends and Bank Holidays), please be aware orders can take longer than this estimated period so please be aware of this when placing your order.

What we will grade:

Below is a breakdown of what we can grade at UKGraders.  If there is any further information you require with regards to this please contact us at ukgraders@yahoo.co.uk

MOSC(Mint On Sealed Card):Items which are still sealed to their original cards and have not had the seal tampered with in any way.

Loose Figures: Figures which are complete with all their original weapons and accessories.

Loose Vehicles/Toys: Vehicles/Toys which are complete or unused.

MIB:(Mint In Box): Items where the box has been opened/tape dried but all contents are unused (The grading label states this once graded)

MISB:(Mint In Sealed Box): Items which  have never been opened and are still sealed.

We will not U grading vintage carded and baggie items from 27-02-2015

We will still U grade vintage sealed plain Mailer boxes.
U grading Modern items only : Items which  you want removing from damaged cards/boxes.
U grading items after the year 1991. Most items after 1991 can be U graded due to their mass production.



What we will not grade:

Loose/ incomplete items.

Loose items with reproduction Weapons/Accessories. Any item we believe to be reproduction will be returned un-graded at your cost.

Loose Vehicles which are incomplete or have reproduction parts.

Carded figures which are reproduction or resealed

Boxed items which are opened and used.

Double taped items where the tape has clearly been placed symmetrical over original tape with a look to hide opened items/or the tape does not match the original tape used. BE AWARE some double taped items are original and this was done in the factory when leaflets or promotions were put in at a later date please contact us if you feel your item fits this category of double taping.


Ink touched up items (these are items where the card/box has been re-touched in areas with a coloured pen to match the card/box.)

U grading vintage carded/boxed items is strictly forbidden, although we will U grade items, we will not U grade or open a vintage toy that pre dates 1990.